Sprue Thy Sheets

A sprue is a Squib feature that customizes how cards get arranged on a sheet as part of save_pdf or save_sheet (PNG). This is particularly useful for:

  • Working with specific dies
  • Cutting out hex chits with fewer cuts
  • Working with quirky duplex printing
  • Printing front-to-back and having a fold in the middle
  • Printing to specific sticker sheets
  • Making an A4 version and a US Letter version for i18n

Without using a sprue, the save_sheet and save_sheet will simply lay out your cards one after another with the gap and margins you specify.

Like Layouts, Squib comes with a library of built-in sprues that you can use. You can make a sprue yourself, or you can generate one from the command line.


Would someone else find your sprue useful? Contribute one!! This is an easy way to help out the Squib community.

Make Your Own Sprue on Command Line

Squib comes with a handy little command-line interface that will generate a sprue file based on your own parameters. Of course, you can edit the sprue file once you’re done to fix any quirks you like.

Here’s an example run:

$ squib make_sprue
1. in
2. cm
3. mm
What measure unit should we use? 1
1. A4, portrait
2. A4, landscape
3. US letter, portrait
4. US letter, landscape
5. Custom size
What paper size you are using? 3
Sheet margins? (in) 0.125
1. left
2. right
3. center
How to align cards on sheet? [left] 3
Card width? (in) 2.5
Card height? (in) 3.5
Gap between cards? (in) 0
1. rows
2. columns
How to layout your cards? [rows]
1. true
2. false
Generate crop lines? [true]
Output to? |sprue.yml| my_sprue.yml

Of course, a Squib sprue is just a YAML file with a specific structure. Here’s an example (generated from the run above):

sheet_width: 8.5in
sheet_height: 11in
card_width: 2.5in
card_height: 3.5in
- x: 0.5in
  y: 0.125in
- x: 3.0in
  y: 0.125in
- x: 5.5in
  y: 0.125in
- x: 0.5in
  y: 3.625in
- x: 3.0in
  y: 3.625in
- x: 5.5in
  y: 3.625in
- x: 0.5in
  y: 7.125in
- x: 3.0in
  y: 7.125in
- x: 5.5in
  y: 7.125in
  - type: :vertical
    position: 0.5in
  - type: :vertical
    position: 3.0in
  - type: :vertical
    position: 5.5in
  - type: :vertical
    position: 8.0in
  - type: :horizontal
    position: 0.125in
  - type: :horizontal
    position: 3.625in
  - type: :horizontal
    position: 7.125in
  - type: :horizontal
    position: 10.625in

Sprue Format

Here are the options for the sprue file. The entire structure of the Yaml file is a Hash

Top-Level parameters

Width of the sheet, supports Unit Conversion.
Width of the sheet, supports Unit Conversion.
Intended width of the card. Sprues will allow any size of card, but if the size of the incoming card does not match this size then a warning will be printed to stdout. Supports Unit Conversion.
Intended height of the card. Sprues will allow any size of card, but if the size of the incoming card does not match this size then a warning will be printed to stdout. Supports Unit Conversion.

Default: topleft

Can be topleft or center. Are the card coordinates refer to the top-left of the card, or the middle of the card?


At the top-level should be a cards key. Within that is an array of hashes that contain the x-y coordinates to indicate the locations of the cards. The order of the coordinates indicates the order of the cards that will be laid out. When there are more cards in the deck than the number of x-y coordinates in the list, a new “page” will be made (i.e. a new page in the PDF or a new sheet for PNG sheets).

Horizontal distance card from the left side of the page. Supports Unit Conversion.
Vertical distance card from the top side of the page. Supports Unit Conversion.

Default: 0 (none)

Rotate the card around its position_reference. Allows clockwise, counterclockwise, or turnaround, or numerical angle.


Optionally, at the top-level you can specify lines to be drawn.

Values: solid,``dotted``,``dashed``
The stroke width of the crop line. Supports Unit Conversion.
The stroke color of the crop line, using Specifying Colors & Gradients

Values: on_margin, overlay_on_cards, beneath_cards.

Specifies how the crop line is drawn: before drawing cards, after drawing cards, or only in the margins.

A hash that has the following options below
Values: horizontal or vertical
The x-position or y-position of the crop line (depending on type)

Front-to-Back Printing

While Squib does not natively support card “fronts” and “backs” (yet), you can use sprues and the range option (see /ranges).

Consider this sample:


To be written

Built-in Sprues

Here’s a list of built-in sprues that come with Squib. You can get the original YAML files on GitHub here.